There's a lot going on this month, here are the highlights.
Math, Words, and ChainFaces are the Latest On-Chain NFT Projects
A Guest Post from Kai Turner (@kaigani)
A Guide to Collectible CryptoKitties Cats
A Guest Post from the Creator of Avastars
What's Hot in the World of NFTs
Cryptovoxels is the Next MySpace
Are your NFTs actually on the blockchain?I was going to put out a newsletter to cover this subject, but it quickly became apparent, as I was doing the research, that there will be quite…
That's Alotta Money! Art takes the NFT Economy by Storm
Welcome to the Nifty Report!
Welcome to The Nifty Report by me, Nifty Report. Breaking news and reports from the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs / Nifties) Sign up now so you do…